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Our Mission, Vision & Objectives

Miami Valley NORML is a regional chapter of Ohio NORML, the state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws serving the Greater Cincinnati & Dayton area.

Our Mission is to re-legalize marihuana for personal, industrial and therapeutic use.

Our vision of the future is one where cannabis (AKA Marihuana) is free of black market influences, and legally grown, bought, sold & properly labeled in a controlled & regulated market, including growing for personal use.

See the following detailed objectives we use as a guide to our efforts....

  1. Increase public awareness of Marijuana Prohibition, using Print, Radio, TV, social media,  and public events.
  2. Promote and help pass Marihuana Re-legalization, at the ballot box or by legislation.
  3. Support industrial hemp, at events such as Earth Day and other opportunities.
  4. Refute, defuse and educate our opposition such as the Anti Drug Groups.
  5. Collaborate with other NORML Chapters, including other reform groups (i.e. SSDP LEAP etc).
  6. Reach out to & include non-traditional groups, identifying our common areas of concern (i.e. guns laws, driving safety, crime etc).
  7. Increase membership and improve organizational communications.
  8. Develop methods to track and measure our progress towards our goals.
  9. Change Ohio laws regarding losing your drivers license due to a marijuana offense
  10. Help the formation of a NORML chapter in Kentucky
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